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National Wine Day

National Wine Day

National Wine Day is an annual holiday celebrated on May 25th.


National Wine Day is for celebrating! And while perhaps not one of the better known celebratory days, for wine lovers everywhere (and there are a few) it’s a true favorite.

A Little History About Wine

Everyone knows what wine is– humans have been consuming wine in its various forms with great enthusiasm for thousands of years. There is some evidence that the discovery of wine in fact amounted to a happy accident sometime around 10 000-8000 BC when humans became less nomadic and more settled– this change in lifestyle allowed time for grapes and other fruits to ferment, thereby producing a low-alcohol variety of wine.

Since then wine has become a clear favorite, having seen us through the best of times and the worst of times– it has sustained the human race through literally countless meals and conversations, and has been consumed by billions of people throughout history.

The earliest evidence for the existence of wine dates back to in and around 7100 BC in China, while the earliest armory ever discovered was in an Armenian cave, circa 4100 B.C.

So yes, wine deserves a celebratory day! And wine lovers everywhere are more than happy to make the best of it.

The Benefits of Wine

There are few ways to relax that are as rewarding as having a glass of wine– whether enjoying some solitude or time with others, wine is a wonderful way to unwind.

But wine carries with it a variety of other benefits as well– for example, studies conducted in Italy have shown that women who drink more than two glasses of wine per day have better sex lives than women who don’t imbibe, and scientists have proven that wine is excellent for health, in moderation, of course.

Wine is particularly high in antioxidants such as resveratrol, known for reducing cholesterol and helping to reduce the chance of coronary disease– but it’s important to note that the majority of antioxidant benefits come from drinking red wine, in fact white wine is known for having far lower antioxidant content than red.

Add that to the fact that wine has been shown to be good for the waistline, with women who indulge in a drink of wine each day carrying about 10 lbs. less body fat than women who don’t, and you’ve got cause to celebrate!

So About this National Wine Day…

While National Wine Day is not quite as ancient as the drink it celebrates, having originated in approximately 2009, it’s a great day to spread the love of your favorite wines by incorporating wine into every part of your day.

How to Celebrate National Wine Day

Savor the Flavors

There are currently thought to be over ten thousand varieties of wine grapes grown throughout the world, with a mind-boggling variety of wines, from Merlot to Pinot, to Chardonnay– the list goes on.

Wine can also contain a whisper of fruit, such as cherry, fig, and strawberry, as well as other flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and even coffee.

The ancient Egyptians in particular were fond of producing wines using fruits other than grapes, such as figs, pomegranates, dates and more– this tradition has continued into modern day wineries, where you’re only as limited as your imagination!

National Wine Day is a great time to experiment a little by tasting wines that are a little out of the realm of your normal experience- you can even book a wine-tasting tour or visit a local winery to help expand your horizons.

Investigate Wine Pairing

For wine lovers, pairing wines with different meals is a gourmet and precise tradition– there’s far more to it than just picking up a random bottle.

Wine pairing takes into account the combination of different flavors in both the wine and the meal– it allows you to explore how different flavors and aromas complement each other to make for an exquisite taste experience, and for many who have experimented with wine pairing, it can fast become an obsession.

After all, wine has been complementing our meals for thousands of years, and proper pairing is an art– National Wine Day is an ideal time to get started on learning more about this delightfully heady pastime.

Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine can add a whole new dimension of flavor to your meals– the alcohol in wine helps to break down fat in the food, while releasing flavor molecules– it’s not so much about the flavor of the wine as it is about the wine enhancing the flavors of the food.

There are a wide variety of delicious recipes that you can try using wine, so National Wine Day is an opportune time to delve into the art of cooking with wine.

So there you have it– with National Wine day fast approaching on May 25th, the hows and whys of celebrating great wine– and as a staunch and unfailing companion to the human race over the past several thousands of years, this amazing drink certainly deserves celebration.

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